About Abson Industry

Abson Industry is a business that supplies components of metal, plastic and glass. The components are primarily used in the door industry, furniture industry and ventilation industry.

The business was founded by Anders Bach-Sørensen in 2000. Since then, the business has grown and today it is a part of Abson Group, where Abson Industry is responsible for products for the industry, as well as sales and services.

Abson Industry's office

Usually, we operate from our offices in Herning and Shanghai. It is very important to us that we treat both our customers, suppliers and each other right. Furthermore, we are a business that is known for high esprit-de-corps, freedom with responsibility and motivation.

At Abson Industry, we focus greatly on our responsibility to customers, suppliers and employees. For that reason, we follow a special code of conduct which helps ensure that the business is run responsibly. We are very careful with selecting suppliers and conduct inspections to make sure that our products always live up to the customer’s demands.